About Riccardo

Riccardo Doc Magic is one of the UK's best close up magicians and is ready to make your next event unforgettable. Your guests will be amazed with the variety of unique magic that Riccardo performs. From card tricks to mind reading, the possibilities are endless.

Riccardo’s fascination with magic began at the age of 16 on a family holiday. Practicing to shuffle cards and learning a simple a card trick encouraged Riccardo to learn more complex and grand tricks. From performing for train conductors to get a free ticket to preforming at large venues, the journey to obtain the skills and the showmanship has been phenomenal.



Getting married is the most magical day of your life. Riccardo will perform his unique close up magic for your guests that will have everyone amazed and bewildered.

All weddings are different and thus Riccardo will propose a tailor-made package that perfectly suits your special day. This will ensure the best possible experience for all your guests.


Having a big birthday party and want to treat your guests to better entertainment than a DJ playing a playlist on repeat? Then Riccardo would love to get the party started.

Close up magic is a great way to break the ice and get everyone laughing. The magic that you see on T.V can be performed for your own eyes!


Launching a new product or having an awards banquet? Want to impress new potential clients?

Riccardo's professionalism in his presentation will leave a lasting impression during your event, leaving a memorable experience associated with your company.


Riccardo loves to get involved with charity evenings and events. Advertising a magician is a great way to get people excited to attend, and potentially donate more to a great cause.

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